Preschoolers sometimes deal with feelings of aggression with pretend weapons and battles.  Photo by Nicole Fravel

Children and Pretend Guns: Does Play Equal Violence?

It is common for preschoolers, particularly boys, to engage in pretend gun and weapon play. While the play is not generally harmful, parents should watch to be sure no actual aggression is involved.


Kids, Technology, and Moderation: Developing People Smart Skills

Excessive screen time can negatively impact kids’ interpersonal skills. Parents can help by encouraging and modeling healthy media use.

Questing takes your family into nature as you learn about your community.  Photo by Susan Caplan McCarthy

Questing: Go on a Community Treasure Hunt

Questing is an outdoor treasure hunt-type of game where you and your kids learn more about your local community as your family takes a nature walk.

Give kids the opportunity to make discoveries in nature while on a scavenger hunt.  Photo by Susan Caplan McCarthy

Create a Nature Scavenger Hunt for Preschoolers

Nature scavenger hunts are a great way to engage your preschooler in the outdoors. Go in search of seasons, sounds, and hidden shapes while walking.

Letting babies explore on their own builds confidence to venture even farther as toddlers and preschoolers. Image by  diggerdanno.

Surviving the Clingy Child: How Parents Can Help Children Gain Confidence

Parents can take steps to reduce the clinginess that comes from a child undergoing a stressful situation, by helping the child achieve self-confidence.