girl in doorway scrunching her mouth

When Children Swear: A New Study Shows Children Learn to Use Taboo Words in Early Childhood

Children pick up language from the world around them, including taboo words. How parents respond to a swearing child depends upon the child’s intent and age.

Square Foot Gardening With Kids

Square Foot Gardening With Kids by Mel Bartholomew: A Book Review

Every kid-gardener needs a foundation to grow his or her outside plants: The garden book Square Foot Gardening With Kids by Mel Bartholomew is a good starting point for children of all ages.

Spend some time with your kids individually - the extra attention could help reduce sibling rivalry. Image by jade

Sibling Rivalry: Preventing Conflict and Increasing Peace

Sibling rivalry disrupts the peace of many families, but effective strategies help parents to channel kids’ energy into more beneficial outlets.

Glasshouse flower garden at the Bellagio

Bellagio Welcomes Kid-Gardeners With Flowers in Las Vegas

Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Garden invites kid-gardeners to experience storybook whimsy in flowers while in Las Vegas.

Place feeders where your kids can watch the birds but make sure the birds have shrubs so they feel safe. Photo by Susan Caplan McCarthy

How to Teach Kids the Joys of Backyard Birdwatching

Backyard birdwatching with kids encourages them to use their observation skills while learning about and helping the animals living in their neighborhood.